SeaSpine wanted to dramatize how they partner with spine surgeons and how “we’re stronger together.” We learned about this unique relationship between a spine surgeon, a childhood friend, and soon-to-be patient.


Patients trust other patients. In the video, we briefly shared the unique friendship between Dr. Bruffey and Dean, and the trust Dean had in his friend, the spine surgeon. We teach how trust is the real currency between doctor and patient. This certainly was the case between the two friends.


Our focus was to briefly highlight the unique friendship, but not make it the central thesis of this video series. The big idea was to share how Dr. Bruffey could have used any spinal solution product line, but he chose SeaSpine to operate on his friend, Dean, and his mother – demonstrating trust in SeaSpine quality. In other videos, we created a “behind-the-scenes” look at Dr. Bruffey, visiting SeaSpine’s headquarters, and sharing why he uses SeaSpine and the collaboration he’s enjoyed that points back to the campaign idea – “Stronger Together.”



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