Alaa Abousaif, MD


Dr. Alaa Abousaif is a highly experienced gastroenterologist with offices in Orange County, California. He asked FEED to create a dynamic personal website that he could use to inform potential patients about himself, his unique perspective on gastroenterology, and his advanced non-invasive therapeutic endoscopic techniques to help manage and treat gastrointestinal conditions.


During our Discovery sessions, we learned that Dr. Abousaif’s treatment philosophy is one of compassionate expertise combined with a highly developed patient-first attitude. Because of his experience and compassion, we and developed a brand platform centered around Dr. Abousaif being a “trusted guide.”


We created a personal branded website for Dr. Abousaif that highlighted the “trusted guide” and “unique perspective” messaging. The colors we chose – darker, muted tones combined with black and white photography – presented a sophisticated, yet warm and approachable personality.



The Work