Javier Reto, MD
Orthopedic Spine Surgeon


Dr. Javier Reto is an orthopedic spine surgeon with three offices in and around Huntsville, Alabama. During our Discovery Sessions with Dr. Reto, it became clear that he had a special empathy for his patients. We learned the reason for this was because as a younger man, Dr. Reto fell through a roof, resulting in a fractured spine and wrist for which he underwent surgery. It was during rehab and recovery that Dr. Reto decided to go to medical school and become an orthopedic spine surgeon. Dr. Reto also focuses on achieving long-term results for his patients, not simply short-term pain relief. Our job was to get the word out about Dr. Reto and his unique and compassionate approach to spine surgery.


Although an amazing surgeon, Dr. Reto lacked a cohesive brand awareness. In fact, he really hadn’t yet established any type of personal brand in his marketplace. Therefore, our first task was to create for him a memorable brand that encapsulated his philosophy as an orthopedic spine surgeon and one that set him apart from other spine surgeons. We also needed to create a platform which we could use to reach potential patients.


First, FEED created a branded protocol that described the approach Dr. Reto uses in his practice. We called the protocol Total Balance Spine, which encompases three different components: 1) his focus on getting patients’ spines into alignment so they can live stronger lives, 2) his compassion and empathy for patients based on his own history, and 3) the respect and regard with which he holds his patients. Secondly, we built Dr. Reto a branded website which highlights what he does, how he does, and most importantly…what makes him different.



The Work