ATEC Spine


ATEC Spine, led by CEO, Pat Miles, a gutsy and provocative spine industry leader, engaged us to create a series of videos. First, a video that captured the new ATEC Spine ethos — Organic Innovation Machine. Secondly, we interviewed Pat and filmed a From Here To There narrative that captured the pivot ATEC Spine made from its past neutral image to today, a reputation as “profoundly curious” innovators of spinal solutions and culture.


ATEC Spine lacked a memorable video series that helps the marketplace understand their unique point of view. We felt ATEC Spine was focusing on product marketing and we wanted to help them increase brand awareness with this video series. ATEC Spine needed a brand platform starter and these videos helped them to reframe their unique voice in the marketplace.


FEED partnered with ATEC Spine to create, first, a brand story; secondly, a creative medium to share that story; and, finally, a building block for a new brand platform. One day was focused on our Brand Rx process where we met with key leadership and conducted a Brand Discovery. We conducted the leadership interviews and delivered a Brand Report with our key findings, recommended brand stands, key messaging, and core recommendation.  ATEC Spine engaged FEED to create two compelling videos and they featured at the National Association of Spine Surgeons and on their newly branded website.



The Work

Innovation Video

“From Here to There” Video