Lets patients worry less about surgery
and focus more on recovery.


Not only is Dr. Jian Shen a fellowship-trained, board-certified spine surgeon practicing in the state of New York but he is also a world-renowned leader in endoscopic spine surgery and disc regeneration. Endoscopic spine surgery is considered the least invasive form of minimally invasive surgery and Dr. Shen is one of the few surgeons in the world who perform it. He asked FEED to help him create a branded personal website to spread the word about the procedure and to also create an identity for the protocol he uses.


During our Discovery sessions, Dr. Shen revealed that he had performed more than 4,000 spine surgeries using his endoscopic protocol with zero infections, injuries, or complications. This was incredible! In fact, Dr. Shen had more than 60 five-star reviews on Healthgrade.com alone. Not only did Dr. Shen have amazing surgical skills but he was also very personable and concerned about helping his patients become pain-free in the least invasive way possible. With all this in mind, we created a branded, proprietary identity for his protocol called enVision Spine Surgery, which not only represents the fact that Dr. Shen “sees further” than most spine surgeons but also that he can envision a pain-free life for his patients.


Because there was not yet any established brand equity for Dr. Shen’s protocol, FEED knew we needed to first create a new brand identity logo and website using the enVision name and messaging. We developed a logo that combined the words “vision” and “spine” in a highly creative way, using a font and color palette of blues and grays is highly sophisticated yet approachable. We threaded this through to the website, giving it a professional feel while at the same time making it personal and easily navigable.



The Work