Dermatology Associates


Dr. Lewis Collins, founder of Dermatology Associates of Savannah and Vidalia, Georgia, is a highly regarded dermatologist, having relied upon word of mouth to build his practice. However, when he decided to extend his business model to include laser tattoo removal, he knew he needed help. Upon the recommendation of the manufacturers of the Picosure laser, Dr. Collins contacted FEED to help him not only in getting the word out about his tattoo removal capabilities, but also establishing a Dermatology Associates identity.


It was crystal clear from our Discovery sessions that Dr. Collins and his staff care tremendously about the quality of patient care and the experience patients have in their offices. With this in mind, we recommended that our brand strategy and subsequent marketing be anchored around a branded, proprietary process called #removewithcare. The term not only represents the personalized, boutique services of the dermatological aspect of the practice (removing skin issues, removing moles, etc.) but is also associated with removing tattoos. In addition, Dr. Collins and his staff are well-versed in “removing the barriers between the patient and great patient care.”


Because there was not yet any established brand equity for Dr. Collins, much less his new tattoo removal capability, FEED knew we needed to first craft a new brand identity logo and website using the #removewithcare messaging wherever appropriate. Additionally, we created awareness with local commercials that appeared in movie theaters and on television. In order to further enhance Dr. Collins’ reputation, we also created a series of informative blogs to position him as the go-to expert as well as aid in his Google rankings.



The Work