Sonendo® and its GentleWave® system is reinventing the standard of clean in endodontics and providing both patient and provider an alternative to standard root canal therapy. Sonendo is led by an experienced management team and is committed to sound science, which is typified by the highly advanced GentleWave. Sonendo engaged FEED to help them define and communicate their brand messaging to patients and providers seeking an alternative to standard root canal.


Sonendo had a big challenge that required our help: how to create a paradigm shift with endodontists to change the way they performed root canal therapy?  Standard root canal therapy is profitable and predictable, so how could we entice them to switch to GentleWave? We felt, in part, the solution was to appeal to the endodontist specialist’s desire to be considered a regional root canal expert, and provide those practices with a unique brand differentiation that would appeal to referring dentists and patients. FEED would partner with Sonendo and help create a launch kit that allowed selected practices to position their practice brand with marketing tools we created and could easily be implemented by the practice. Our goal was to create a desire and demand to become the first or only practice in a particular city to offer the gold alternative standard to root canal treatment.


FEED partnered with Sonendo to create a practice development approach to growing their business. We launched the GentleWave Practice Success (GPS) system as a turn-key brand launch system that could provide selected practices with marketing materials, lead-generating landing pages, compelling videos, and Mia® – our artificial intelligence platform – to help turn prospects into patients. We delivered 20 new videos, and an interactive PPT slide deck to help the sales team present the benefits of GentleWave to their ideal clients.

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