Laser Focus Tattoo Removal


Our client, a successful former corporate executive, decided to open a laser tattoo removal center in Austin, Texas. Austin is a competitive marketplace for the tattoo removal market share. Many different types of practices vie for the tattoo removal dollar, including plastic surgery, dermatology, cosmetic surgery, and aesthetic spas. Like most new business owners, our client had a limited marketing budget and was on the road to marketing his business like everyone else in the market until we helped him understand brand differentiation.


We needed to develop a brand message that was different – not based on technology or experience – and deliver on a minimal budget. We recommended a brand strategy built upon addressing the primary patient barriers to tattoo removal:  price, pace, and pain.


We began by developing a name and logo for the practice, Laser Focus Tattoo Removal. We developed the messaging to help patients remove the barriers preventing them from taking the first step in learning about a tattoo removal option – price, pace, and pain. To Dave’s credit, he allowed us to use humor and address tattoo removal, so we created a video using on-camera talent and a professional voiceover actor at our studio in San Diego.


The Work




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