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RGP was a legacy brand in need of new positioning to compete in today’s marketplace. Without a clear brand position, the key external stakeholders (e.g., new amputees and referring physicians) were unable to fully identify and appreciate the value of the group’s combined expertise. In addition, internal stakeholders (e.g. clinical and administrative support staff) were unable to consistently speak about the practice while interacting with current and prospective patients.
A brand positioning for RGP is imperative in order to halt an erosion of market share and ensure that RGP can effectively compete in the prosthetic solutions market.


FEED recommended RGP immediately position itself in the prosthetic solutions marketplace by developing a brand name for the first proprietary prosthetic fitting process for the new amputee. We developed a name for this process: F.I.T., which stands for Functionally Inspired Technology – a proprietary process that incorporates the finest prosthetic technologies and clinicians to provide every amputee with the absolute best fitting device. Patients are taken through the F.I.T. process: referral and coordination, initial consultation and orientation, evaluation, on-site manufacturing, custom prosthetic fitting, and ongoing care.  F.I.T. also represents updated internal practice standards that are consistent with the new developing brand.


RGP was unable to optimize certain activities (promotion, lead generation, media mentions, referrals, etc.) until a unique and consistent brand position was developed. The FEED-proposed brand positioning facilitated the creation of a cohesive set of collateral materials to support the brand both offline (e.g., in-office, sales visits) and online.

The Work

Brand Rx Report

Typically a 30-50 page PDF report and presentation that clearly articulates a collaborative process to help you achieve clarity and organizational unity around your developing core brand principles. Includes:

– Intake sessions with key stakeholders
– Brand health assessment
– Recommended brand positioning and strategic stands
– Brand vision board
– Brand identity board
– Brand asset analysis
– A recommended website wireframe
– Recommended campaign concept sketches & mood board
– Brand brief – the foundational document of the brand designed to provide a shared understanding and focus to all initiatives

rgp, feed the agency, healthcare marketing, physician marketing

Brand Logo

Brand Positioning Website



rgp, feed the agency, healthcare marketing, physician marketing
rgp, feed the agency, healthcare marketing, physician marketing
rgp, feed the agency, healthcare marketing, physician marketing


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