BioThread Dental Implant Systems


BioThread Dental Implant Systems is a unique dental implant manufacturing company. Not only does the company provide general dentists with a Swiss-engineered implant that meets the highest requirements for quality and innovation but BioThread provides those implants in a very cost-effective manner directly to the dentist. Combine this with the fact that BioThread will even show dentists how to build a more profitable practice through the use of the implants and you have a company that is poised for greatness.


BioThread asked FEED to help spread the word to general dentists about the many benefits of using BioThread implants. The company’s current website had an outdated look and didn’t do justice to the advanced technology used to create BioThread implants. Additionally, it didn’t do a very good job explaining their practice-building protocol or giving general dentists solid reasons why they should use BioThread implants.


First, we created a branded proprietary name for the onboarding system BioThread uses to teach general dentists best practices for growing their implant business as well as a strategic expansion for the protocol, which we named 3Pi (Practice, Profitability, Purpose + Implants). The onboarding system gives dentists the information and resources they need to grow their practice profitability using BioThread implants. We then built BioThread a beautiful, fully responsive landing page which is stage one in a multi-stage website development. Stage two will be to develop a learning module system that is accessible to general dentists on-demand and through virtual live events. Stage three will be to expand the landing page to a full-blown website and online catalog.



The Work