Northwest Neurosurgical Associates


Dr. Frank Soldevilla is a board-certified neurosurgeon with a practice located in Portland, Oregon called Northwest Neurosurgical Associates. He asked FEED to help him create a new website with a fresh, modern look with updated messaging that highlighted his unique approach to neurosurgery.


Through our Discovery sessions, we learned that Dr. Soldevilla is known not only for his experience and use of advanced technology, but also for his ability to put patients at ease. From the home-like, relaxed environment to the way they were greeted by Dr. Soldevilla’s staff, every patient touchpoint was deliberately designed to make patients feel respected and honored.


The patient-centric messaging we used on Dr. Soldevilla’s website included empowering phrases like “Treating You Like Family” and “Keeping You Going Strong.” We gave the website a professional yet approachable look and feel through the use of creative white space and lifestyle photography. The result is a website that appeals to patients on a number of different levels.



The Work


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