Beverly Hills Voice


Former Harvard surgeon and faculty member, Anca M. Barbu MD FACS, was relocating from Boston to Cedars-Sinai in Beverly Hills, California, bringing with her many years of training and practice with voice surgeon to the stars, Dr. Steven Zeitels. In addition to her position at Cedars-Sinai, Dr. Barbu was starting a new practice treating laryngeal (voice) disorders, which she was calling Beverly Hills Voice.


To help Dr. Barbu build a new practice in a new environment, we recommended centering her marketing efforts around the catchphrase “Ivy League Innovation” to highlight her years of teaching and practicing at Harvard and her dedication to staying on the leading edge of technology and care in managing voice problems.


In addition to being a top laryngeal physician and surgeon, Dr. Barbu also has a vivacious personality. Our goal in building her website and designing her logo was to express not only her expertise, but her warmth and caring attitude as well. Her website is a combination of her warm personality and the technology/expertise for which she is known.


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