What if the ipod does what a pill could not? (Alzheimer’s).

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Alive Inside is a documentary about a social worker with a radical hypothesis: Can listening to their favorite music help Alzheimer’s patients restore their memories?

Watch the documentary trailers below.

The documentary, found on Netflix, is a story of how music connects our memories and identity to our past, present, and future. The catalyst for this discovery and movement is led by an unlikely hero – Dan Cohen, a social worker with the desire to prove his premise that – music can help improve the well-being of Alzheimer’s patients. His theory appeared to be working, but when it came to receiving funding for a $40 dollar ipod and an inexpensive pair of headphones, he smacked into the medical bureaucracy.

If you watch this documentary ponder these questions:

How has bureaucracy caused you to resist finishing well on a potential breakthrough idea?

What’s the influence of science based unconventional approaches to healing in your practice?

Want to help spread the music in your community?

Visit www.musicandmemory.org and join with others that have helped thousands of people challenged by dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.