We demonstrate how video can effectively show the doctors personality and perspective

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Many doctors do a poor job of finding patient education mediums which share their unique personality and perspective. Video can be the best medium to showcase these overlooked qualities.

Personally, w think many doctors overlook how personality and perspective can help them position their practice in a competitive marketplace.

Do we need another video from an oral surgeon describing how he pulls wisdom teeth?

Do we want to see a video of a plastic surgeon jabbing a suction into a patient and describing how he sucks fat? Is this what patients really want and need to help them determine what doctor may be their best choice?

We demonstrate how video¬†– as part of a campaign at Akron Children’s Hospital – can effectively show unique personality and perspective in a short time frame in a way that prospective patients could be compelled to want to know more and maybe feel even more comfortable in scheduling a consultation.

Watch these videos:

Here are our key take aways from this video campaign that you can apply immediately to your next video:

1. Know when to use text call outs while using video. Notice how the videos utilize text inserts to draw your attention to a significant milestone or specialty expertise or viewpoint? Can you see how this technique is more effective than including this information as part of the video spoken narrative?



2. Develop a memorable catch phrase. “It’s not just surgery of the skin. It’s surgery of the soul.” People are going to remember good sound bites. I also like this one below.


3. More is not better when it comes to articulating a message using video. These videos say so much in just 30 seconds. It goes to show that you can share a memorable message using video as a medium for any time format – such as a tv commercial like these examples. We have a tendency to add more and more information and with each iteration we dilute the primary message more and more. You get the point.

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