The Scarless Breast Center Brochure

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Dr. Jeffrey Hartog, an Orlando, Florida Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon is the Medical Director at theĀ Bougainvillea Clinique & The Scarless Breast Center. He is pioneering a new alternative to breast reconstruction after diagnosis with cancer and breast augmentation. The Scarless Breast Procedure utilizes the latest techniques and technology in fat transfer and minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Hartog is the first plastic surgery center in the U.S. to receive an FDA Registered Fat Bank to safely store a patients own fat for the purpose of implantation.

What We Did:

FEED was asked to create a unique brochure to educate women on The Scarless Breast Reconstruction procedure & The Scarless Breast Center. Keeping with the clients primary colors, we focused our copy efforts on the key benefits of this new alternative procedure and why The Scarless Breast Center may be the best treatment option for women desiring a scarless minimally invasive procedure at a certified surgery center and receive a same day outpatient treatment.

Brochure Layout + Design:

Front Cover

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Inside Brochure

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Front & Back

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  • Jeffrey Hartog, M.D., The Scarless Breast Center
  • March 18, 2013
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