Sports Medicine Just Got More Social


Client: Howard Luks, MD

Project Overview:  Dr. Howard Luks, a sports medicine and orthopedic surgeon, engaged FEED, a physician brand talent agency, to develop a new brand position for the sports medicine marketplace.

Project Strategy:  Since Dr. Luks is a recognized physician at the intersection of healthcare and social media (Voted as Top Ten Physicians On Twitter), we built a campaign around  “Sports Medicine Just Got More Social” and developed a unique and brand proprietary patient persona strategy by creating three patient categories #365Warrior #HomeTeam #GamePlan to frame his community discussion and education of sports medicine in a new sand recognized social way.

Project Deliverables:

  • Brand strategy
  • New brand identity
  • New campaign micro sites for #365Warrior, #HomeTeam, and #Gameplan
  • Photographs
  • Video

The overview video:

We also designed a series of landing pages so Dr. Luks could have specific social media and offline discussions with specific patient personas, such as #365Warrior – the middle-aged wife/husband/CEO/parent that makes fitness an every day priority and not a “Weekend Warrior.”

Click on image below to view this landing page:

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Sample photo shoot:


  • Howard Luks, MD
  • March 2014