FIT (Functionally Inspired Technology) Campaign


RGP Prosthetic Research Group, the largest independent prosthetic research facility in the west coast, engaged FEED to develop a unique brand position and develop a campaign to attract new amputees.

RGP isĀ  a legacy brand. This family business was started in 1947 and has been an innovator in cutting-edge prosthetic technology. RGP began to lose market share to Hanger Prosthetics, one of the largest prosthetic companies in the United States. After conducting a 2-week brand positioning report, FEED recommended that RGP deploys a campaign focused in Southern California – FIT (Functionally Inspired Technologies) to own the conversation about the benefits to the new amputee in receiving the perfectly fitted prosthetic to fit their lifestyle goals.

Part of the campaign was to develop a new brand identity. RGP, located near downtown San Diego and the San Diego State University campus, needed a brand identity to match the urban grittiness of the office location, look + feel. FEED also wanted to capture the master craftsman philosophy of the prosthesis team. Our goal was to combine a new look + feel that matches the RGP cutting-edge custom fit technology and service with the urban edge of their office location and persona. We also made the creative decision to not feature the prosthetic. People with a prosthetic know they have a prosthetic, so we came up with the idea to use a word burst to portray the prosthetic leg.

We started by developing an endorsed brandmark (shown at the top of the page) for the FIT campaign. We then created a series of iconic banners that will be used in patient waiting rooms, on the hallways, and roll-up banners for tradeshows. Currently, we are also building a new website, creating a patient introduction video, and a flip book design for referral physicians, patients, and media.

Creative Director: Matthew Ray Scott

Art Director: (Print) Kory Koske

Media Director (Video) Paul Churchward

Architects of Abilities: RGP- Prosthetic Research Group from FEED The Agency on Vimeo.







































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  • August 23, 2013
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