Have Physicians Become Shoemaker’s Children?

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Do you know the story of the shoemaker’s children? The axiom goes that the shoemaker is so busy making shoes for customers that his own children go barefoot. Many physicians are barefoot when it comes to successfully marketing their practice.

Think about the problems you experience in marketing your practice, and then think about why you have this problem. Or why you are not able to solve it.

Here’s a few:

  • The enemy of great is good. You feel you have a busy practice (don’t really know accurately how to compare) and so business is good. So you don’t invest or even think about your marketing until you’re reminded that maybe you should do something. Your version of good is good enough which can give you contentment and may even cause you fear to trade up to the great unknown. What’s your version of good and great and are you willing to explore what you’ll need to learn and change to go from good to great?
  • Procrastination. Leo Babauta, founder of Zen Habits, explains procrastination as fearing failure, or the discomfort of doing something hard, or your fear missing out on something important (why you check email and social media instead of doing the hard tasks).
  • No marketing budget. You don’t have available funds to market. Perhaps you are in debt (It can feel shameful – one of our clients MoneyMD helps physicians triage their debt with a behavioral science approach to physician debt management).  Some practices have the money to invest in marketing, but it’s allocated or distributed elsewhere. Do you have a marketing budget?
  • Indifference. You feel like you don’t need to invest money to promote your practice (digital, advertising, events, etc). You have a basic website, patients will find you, right?
  • In-house marketing & faulty insular marketing. You have a practice marketing manager (often a former clinical member of your team that you’ve “promoted” as being in charge of your marketing) yet she may not have the specific experience to develop brand strategy or manage a successful inbound marketing strategy (check out Hubspot or Screwpile Communications – a Hubspot partner focused on inbound marketing for healthcare professionals).

And so on. The reasons why go on.