Everything You Need To Know About Your Next Healthcare Video In Less Than Three Minutes

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Watch this video.

This parody video pokes the bear.

When creating your next video consider the following sagicity:

  1. Hire a pro, not your cousin the fireman who owns a video camera. It’s not hard to find a good videographer. It’s hard to find a storyteller who knows how to masterfully use a video. People who own a video camera are a dime a dozen, but creative storytellers who know what they’re doing are not.
  2. Determine the goal and purpose of your video. 
  3. Identify your favorite style of video to emulate. Go to Vimeo or Youtube and find videos you want to emulate. It’s extremely helpful for the video team you hire.
  4. Video strategy and concepting on a shoestring budget. A professional video crew will know how to strategize and conceptualize your video. However, if you are on a small budget and you can only afford a video shooter, you need to have a plan for your video. Check out Wistia learning center for some great ideas.
  5. Share a story, don’t tell a testimonial. An example here. Align with your goal. Less is more.
  6. Choose your music. We use Audiojungle to select music jingles as the background for our videos. Expect to pay around $10-$15 dollars. Important, you must use copywrite protected music. Don’t make a rookie mistake and use popular music without approval – you’ll look like a rookie and possibly face a stiff fine.
  7. Choose limited locations to film. You’re a physician, not Francis Coppola. Consider speaking from a location and using other locations as your supporting (B-Roll) footage.
  8. Speak in a language they can understand. 
  9. Create a persona and speak to her.
  10. Understand your patients decision-making journey.
  11. Does the video fit your brand personality?

Want help on your next video?

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