Drop a Brick in Your Toilet: Collaboration Case Study

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California, our home state, is facing the worst water drought in years. Inspired to do something, a group of agency shops collaborated to promote a water savings solution with the goal of a brick in every toilet in California.

Check out the video.

It’s creative, humorous, and memorable.

The Drop A Brick was crowdfunded. Check out the story behind this funding source. That’s an option for local organizations, but you don’t have to go this route.

After watching this video, I began to ask why couldn’t more businesses, agencies, or medical practices, collaborate together to help solve a challenge in their community and potentially earn more business and media coverage together?¬†

Have you ever seen a orthopedic spine surgeon, chiropractor, nutritionists, and yoga instructor collaborate together and promote a new integrated program in the local community? No, me neither.

If I were a local printer, I would enlist the interest of a graphic designer in the area to collaborate services – but I’ve never been approached by a printer even though we do tens of thousands of dollars in business with them. I’ve since moved our printing business to Next Day Flyers – happy to give someone many zip codes away our business until a printer with some business development acumen knocks on our door and earns our business.

What if a local medical or dental practice partnered with local government on a healthcare issue?

What if  state medical center (s) commissioned an agency or inter-agency search to create a new healthcare promotion?

What if a local business collaborated with a like-minded non-profit organization to promote a cause?

Any ideas in your community?