Doctor, Whatever You Do, Don’t Be Yourself

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Doctor, if you want to be successful in positioning your medical practice as distinctly unique in your local marketplace, then do not be yourself.

Typically, being yourself as a medical provider and communicating what you do in your medical practice websites, brochures, and social media pretty much is being like everyone else in your specialty. 

In the land of doctor marketing speak, you are expected to say stuff like this:

(The Smith Clinic) is a full-service oral surgery clinic located in Dallas, Texas. At the Smith Clinic, our patients come first. We have been dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to our patients for over 20 years. Our staff is chosen for their compassion in addition to their skills. We pledge to offer safe, progressive technology, in a comfortable and relaxed setting, that is minimally invasive to our patients and our environment. By working closely with our referring doctors, we employ a team approach in order to insure the most accurate diagnosis and treatment. To us, every patient is a member of our extended family. 

Every other practice in your speciality and community is saying the same thing. It’s no wonder patients are confused who to choose.

Be the other guy.