An 8-Foot-Tall Woman Is Destroying The Record Industry (Hint: It Has Nothing To Do With Her Voice)

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Disruption is a new way of thinking. Amanda Palmer is disrupting, and some would say destroying the record industry.

I was introduced to this video by Brian Carter (And I was mesmerized by watching Amanda Palmer’s TED presentation). Amanda Palmer, well you have to watch the video and form your own opinion, is a singer who is credited with changing the record industry. She’s different – her look, a new payment model, her dramatic presentation style (her experience as an 8-foot-tall woman); and, it’s so darn refreshing to see the face (and those eyebrows) of someone that is disrupting a billion dollar industry.

Besides her engaging presentation style, after watching her video I began to think more deeply about what she said about how people are obsessed with the wrong question.

I think we’ve been obsessed with the wrong question, which is HOW to make people pay for music. What if we started asking how do we LET people pay for music.

You should watch this video and see what you think.

She is interesting, right?

I could do an entire post on just the interesting way she shared her story on stage using a prop and only a slide or two. She’s memorable, right? The strip naked and let your audience paint on your body, I guess that is the ultimate display of trust, and not to mention media attention getter. This may make me sound horrible, but I wonder if she would have performed naked if she was overweight or older? I digress…

I’m interested to see what you thought about her focus on how we LET people people pay for our services vs. HOW we make them pay currently. 

Creatives in industry are always coming up with novel ways to charge for services. Tom Morkes, my new friend at Insurgent Publishing,  gives you the option of paying what you think for his different services and information products to help you start, finish, and ship your creative projects. His model and his success may not work for you or be typical in your particular industry, but it’s certainly disruptive. Tom and I spoke on Skype a few weeks ago, he was in a coffee shop in Argentina (the energy of his location could be heard) and I was in my San Diego office with a broken air conditioner. Tom is also disruptive, like Amanda Palmer. Both are figuring out new and easier ways to let people pay for their services.

Is the new currency becoming how we let people pay for our services?

Only a few years ago, we could not have imagined how PayPal, Square, and possibly even Bitcoin changes how people can pay for services or products. Not to mention the profound impact of crowd funding led by Kickstarter and other innovators. Payment options will continue to evolve rapidly. Few could have imagined the “fremium” business model popularized by YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Evernote to name a few.

Think about healthcare and our frustration with healthcare insurance. It’s a hassle whether you are paying for an elective procedure (fee for service) or at a hospital. For those of you reading this post in the healthcare space, check out this great article by Brian Eastwood, Solving Healthcare’s Disruptive Innovation Dilemma. 

I was watching Netflix the other night and came across an interesting documentary on Bill Cunningham, a fashion photographer for the NY Times. I highly recommend this documentary (watch the trailer below).

Bill Cunningham said something very thought provoking at exactly the 1 minute mark of the video trailer. See the quote below and then enjoy the video trailer.

If you don’t take money, they can’t tell you what to do.

How are you disrupting your industry? 

Please share with us.