If You Don’t Learn These 3 Physician Marketing Money-Pits Now, You’ll Regret It Later

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Doctor, some of your outsourced vendors are going to hate it when you show them this post.

In this post, I’m going to share the 3 Most Common Physician Marketing Money-Pits and why you should at least question the value of these services.

1. Consulting.

For $300 dollars an hour, this top health & beauty consultant will provide you with:

“One-hour real-time consultation carried out over Skype using webcam technology, including background information on procedures and techniques of interest, and personalized recommendations to specialists, physicians and surgeons, with limited email follow up for 60 days.”

Strategic consultants are a big money-pit unless they work against specific objectives with clearly-established outcomes and timing, contributing to client business goals.

Is your $300 dollar an hour consultant really measuring up?

She’s a bully. Make her prove it.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

I’m not even joking, search engine optimization specialists are like the Yellow Pages sales people of old.

Some of you older physicians, admit it, you may have been very successful in attracting patients using the phone book and you probably resisted when others told you that you were paying too much for the results.

Here’s the thing, SEO is so complicated that most physicians don’t understand it and pretend they do or assume their practice marketing manager does, but are afraid to not invest in SEO out of fear of being left out.

We’ve worked with physicians that are paying $6,000 dollars or more for paid internet advertising to optimize search results. In most cases it’s a money-pit!

Purchase the $10 dollar book on Amazon, Be #1 on Google, 52 Fast and Easy Search Engine Optimization Tools to Drive Customers to Your Web Site by Jon Smith. By reading this book it will most likely change your understanding of SEO and easy ways to save money while increasing the effectiveness of your paid searches.

Yes, we just outed may of your paid SEO consultants.

3. Online Advertising.

Here’s the thinking: people like to hang out on the web all-day, therefore they’ll want to interact with advertising on the web.

Banner advertisement is an abysmal failure, so far. Nobody wants to click on poorly designed banner advertisements. When’s the last time you purchased something from a banner ad? So why pay some digital marketing hipster to do so?

The Ad Contrarian, Bob Hoffman, calls B.S. as he sees it. He shares the following myths about online advertising:

Bob councils, “delusional thinking isn’t just acceptable in marketing today — it’s mandatory.”

In closing, if you’re a physician and you’re happy with the consultants, SEO specialists, and online advertising experts you’ve hired at great expense to your marketing budget, well count yourself one of the lucky few or maybe you’re delusional.

We’d like you to share any comments, success or horror stories you may have in the comment section below.

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